What I'm doing now

This page is a place to describe where I am at and what I am focused on at the time being. Inspired by Derek Sivers.

*Now = August 2020

*Now = June 2020

  • 🧭  My next team is going to become my next big update over here. Maybe you? ðŸ™‚️

*Now = May 2020

  • 🧘️  CloudMonix, the company I worked for, got acquired, and now I have some time to sort the things out. I feel like trading my professional clutter in for a product manager career path, even if this implies starting as a different role and gradually evolving into one.️

*Now = April 2020

  • ✈️  I got inspired by the Latin culture and people and started learning Spanish. Looking forward to visiting Latin and Central America️ sometime soon.️

*Now = March 2020

  • 🏃  spending more time on sports - running and outdoor PT activities

*Now = September 2019

  • 🏡  settled in Zaporizhia, Ukraine for a while to be close to elderly parents


Zaporizhzhia, UA
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