About me in under one minute

I believe in the "Jobs-To-Be-Done" and how they describe the process a consumer goes through whenever she aims to change her existing life situation into a preferred one. I find it ultimately important that the JTBD are "Jobs-As-Progress" and not the "Jobs-As-Activities". Based on this belief I see new perspectives in products and create opportunities around them.

I like new ventures more than existing ones because they require understanding the unique user needs and building the vision upon them. I like JavaScript more than CSS because JavaScript allows creating things while CSS is merely styling the existing ones. But I am universal in that my ultimate goal is to view the product through the eyes of the users, ease their pain points and create smooth experiences.

I have multiple years of experience in various disciplines, including sales, solution consulting, project management, web development, business analysis, internet marketing, and UX. As a former Web Engineer turned Business Analyst, I understand what it means to build solid and scalable products while my sales and solution consulting background allow me to think through the customer journey on behalf of the product users.

The one area of my skills that I would like to see improved is scaling products based on my own data. I like building, but what I like the most is seeing the results of my work. And I truly believe that vision backed by data is what makes products successful.

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