About me in under one minute

I adhere to the "Jobs-To-Be-Done" framework, which delineates how consumers transition from current to desired life situations. Emphasizing the concept of "Jobs-As-Progress" over "Jobs-As-Activities" is crucial to me, as it unveils novel perspectives in product development and fosters innovative opportunities.

I am drawn to collaborating with emerging startups due to their focus on identifying unique user needs and shaping them into emerging trends. My overarching goal remains understanding products from the user's perspective, addressing pain points, and crafting seamless user experiences.

My diverse background spans product and project management, business analysis, web development, solution consulting, and sales and marketing. Transitioning from web development to business analysis has equipped me with insights into building robust and scalable products. Leveraging my sales and consulting expertise, I can empathize with users and map out their journey effectively.

One area I seek to enhance is my ability to scale products using available data. Mastering data-driven insights coupled with vision is paramount for success in today's market. I am committed to honing this skill to excel in driving product recognition and innovation.

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