Me in 10 seconds

My current challenge is a Product Manager career path.

I see new perspectives in products and create opportunities around them using a mindset of growth, innovation and empathy.

What is my ideal role?

The one that allows for a bit of initiative and a lot of creativity. The one where I can make and implement decisions. All the above with a sound balance of command supervision, of course 🙂

Where I fit best:

I would fit well as a tech literate (associate) product / customer experience manager with a solid background in early stage startups, solution consulting and web development.

Why me?

  • - excellent problem-solving skills paired with a strong desire to make a difference
  • - not afraid of taking full ownership and responsibility over work
  • - a sound balance of visionary initiative, data-driven approach, and accuracy
  • - a consistent flow of fresh ideas and a passion for quality
  • - willing to explore, learn and establish myself as an expert in critical areas of the role

What I’m doing now → More about work →

Zaporizhzhia, UA
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  • curious
  • empathetic
  • proactive
  • team player
  • growth-oriented
  • customer advocate
  • tenacious and resilient
product and user research, user experience, project management, operational efficiency, distributed teams
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • API
  • CMS
  • Cloud/Hybrid


Customer Experience Advocate
Paraleap Technologies | SaaS cloud monitoring & automation
10/2017 - 05/2020 Remote
  • - ensured customers are happy using the product website and support portals
  • - worked on growing traffic and the product website conversion optimization
Solution Consultant
EvolTech | IT Systems integrator, web & mobile development
05/2015 - 11/2016 Kyiv, Ukraine

- the biggest challenge to me at the time was to act as a company technical architect crafting solutions for national brands and creating an image of a company they could entrust with their business

Chief Business Development Officer
AMgrade | Web & mobile development
01/2013 - 05/2015 Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
  • - contributed to the setup of German branch office acting as a solution consultant and thus bridging the native clients with our HQ
  • - advanced cross-department workflows between the sales and operational departments thereby significantly speeding up product releases
Freelance Project Manager
10/2009 - 12/2012 Remote
  • Notable projects include:
  • - project managed the initial version of that turned into the largest online retailer in Singapore and was sold to Ensogo
  • - oversaw the development of 2 mobile games included into the standard Nokia OS install (Symbian S60 3rd & 5th editions)
Business Development Manager
Conkurent | Web forms builder product
01/2009 - 09/2009 Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
  • - introduced remote application development services thru freelance job platforms which at the time became the company's main line of business
Chief Operating Officer
Yonca LTD | Prefabricated buildings production & construction
01/2007 - 12/2008 Kyiv, Ukraine
  • - supervised import and compliance
  • - project-managed construction & resources
  • - bootstrapped on-site production and compliance
Sales Manager
Yonca LTD | Construction of imported prefabricated buildings
05/2006 - 01/2007 Kyiv, Ukraine
  • - got the company off the ground by selling the very first building ($250K)


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